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NDEMT.ORG is A national database envisioned by an emt for an emt


There are over 260,000 EMT professionals in the U.S. and no easy way for employers to find them for specific jobs. Until now. does it for you.



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Service providers and event organizers are using our free service to find short term and long term EMT assignments.

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  • You get to decide what jobs you take

  • Clients have the ability to provide fast and easy evaluations to improve your professional reputation


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are you looking to hire an emt?, quickly growing hub for finding EMTs. The National Database of EMT professionals is a joint venture of several EMS providers working to develop a better mechanism for providers like you to find the best EMTs around the world.


Our service launches in January 2018 with a goal of having hundreds of qualified EMTs in markets all over the country. Our advanced technology streamlines our recruitment, placement and on-boarding process. It also allows employers to use a simple ratings system to provide feedback which can then be used to determine which contractors stand out from the crowd. If you’re interested in utilizing this new resource once it’s available, register below to be notified.

How many EMTs are there in the US?

Image Credit: NREMT Data Dashboard. (2017, April 13). In  NREMT . Retrieved 12 December 2017, from

Image Credit: NREMT Data Dashboard. (2017, April 13). In NREMT. Retrieved 12 December 2017, from

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